White Cherry Blossom Double Headband Tutorial

So we went to the coast last week and I made my daughter a daisy chain crown and that’s where I had  the inspiration for this week’s tutorial. This is so easy to make it hurts! These are really popular at the moment appearing in all the weekly magazine style pages.   You can buy them online for roughly £21 upwards, but I made this for about 50p in 30 minutes! They would be ideal for summer festivals, weddings, children’s tea parties, photography props, May Day or just wear it with a pretty summer dress.

Materials used;

Silk/artificial flowers  

Glue gun


Florists ‘Nutscene Natural Mossing Twine’ (you can buy this from HobbyCraft for about £1.29 for 75M)

Tape measure

 1) Firstly, cut 6 strands of twine that are roughly 30” in length. Knot three pieces together at the top and start plaiting until you’re left with one long plait and secure with another knot. Do the same with the other strands.

2) Place one of the plaits around your head and see where it looks good and double knot it. Make the other plait slightly larger in size and knot that too. I left the plaited tails at the end my loop but it will work if you don’t want them.

3) Figure out where you want your flowers and how many of them you want. I have used 6 flowers and placed them on both bands to one side.  You can also have them evenly spaced out or even just one flower at the side.

4) Trim the plastic stem so the flower can be glued onto the band.

5) Heat up your glue gun and stick away….

6) All finished! You can also vary what I have done here too. You could make round plaited disks to stick your flowers onto or even loop the twine at the ends and attach two ribbons to act as a tie. Add a bit of faux ivy and pearls to children’s May Day crown. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this weeks tutorial.

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