Appliquéd Picnic Blanket/Sofa Throw

Summer is now fast approaching and with all that lovely sunshine comes picnics! Hurrah!

If you don’t fancy getting grass stains on your summer dresses and want to park your bum on something great then this might be for you 😉 This week, I’ll be telling you how I made this simple appliquéd blanket especially for the forthcoming summer antics. This was really cheap for me to make and cost me roughly £2 all in all.


Materials and equipment used;

 Sewing machine or sewing needle

Cotton thread

Scissors (fabric shears, thread snips and paper scissors)

Printer and paper

Large fleece-like throw/blanket 140x200cm

Scrap fabrics

Very fine black marker

Dressmaker’s pins

Decorations (felt, sequins, buttons, beads, ribbon)

1. These blankets are a great way to make use of all those pieces of scrap fabric, felts and even old clothes so have a rustle around and see what you’ve got. Get a rough idea of what you want to do (lettering, appliqué birds, trees, flowers etc) and what materials you’re going to use. Make a rough sketch of your ideas.
2. If you want to use wording on your blanket then a great place to start looking for fonts is a website called It’s best to opt for something that isn’t to intricate. I chose a font called ‘Striped Caps’ which looked beautiful and would be fairly easy to stitch onto the throw. You can download, save and unzip these files directly onto your desktop and drag and drop the unzipped font package into the ‘font folder’ which is located in your control panel.

3. Once you have done this, double check to see if the font is there in Microsoft Word by scrolling through the fonts bar. In the ‘font size’ tab, it only gives the maximum size of a font as 72. To change this, type in a number between 400-700 (these sizes will give you a letter that will fill an A4 sheet) and press enter. Type whatever you need in a print off as a fast draft (this option saves on ink!) You can also search and print silhouettes or images of birds, cupcakes, tree branches or anything else you want to incorporate into the blanket.

4. When all my font templates were printed, I cut them all out. One at a time, I reversed a letter onto the back of the fabric and drew around it with a fine black pen. When all my letters were outlined I carefully cut them out with fabric shears.


5. I arranged all my letters onto my blanket and secured them with dressmaker’s pins.

6. If you are sewing by hand, you can use a blanket stitch around each appliqué. I used my sewing machine and used a medium zig-zag stitch, slowly manoeuvring around corners and curves. Reverse stitch to secure the stitches at the beginning and the end.

7. When everything has finally been attached, trim all the end threads and frayed letter edges with thread snips. Wrap some cellotape around your hand to pick up all the bits, fluff and cotton from front and back.

And there you are….you have an awesome and unique picnic blanket!!!

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