Hello Everyone! (Well just me at the moment…that’s a bit sad actually!) Hehe

I’m very excited about my very first post on the ‘How I Made It’ Project though. My love of all things creative and my desperate need for a deposit on a house is why I have started H.I.M.I.P. If you want to know more about this, have a quick peak in the ‘About’ section.

I have loads of tutorials which i will be posting very soon, with the aim of at least one a week. Upcoming tutorials include;

Paper projects (realistic birds and butterflies, marionette puppets, decorative bowls)

Sewing and needle work (contemporary cross stitch, appliquéd throw, printed pillows)

Soldering glass (Victorian terrarium, lanterns)

Wax carving (how to carve wax for ‘lost wax casting’ jewellery)

…AND LOADS MORE…so make sure you come back…mmmkay!

I will also be posting things that are beautiful, inspirational and interesting which I have found from other artists dotted all around the web.

So I hope I’ve done enough to tempted you to come back!

And on that note I hope you see you around again soon,

Kate x

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